Wealth through Investing

Wealth Mismanagement: A Wall Street Insider On the Dirty Secrets of Financial Advisers and How to Protect Your Portfolio

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“I have known Ed for over forty years and he has always had an empathy chip that has served his clients well and allowed him to rise as one of the financial services industries stars. This book is the best at helping investors determine if what they have is what they need.” — Dennis Greenwald, Former General Counsel, Morgan Stanley

“Ed has written a very down to earth, easy-to-read book that will benefit everyone, regardless of net worth. I encourage all to read this and adopt the CHIP score in all your investment decisions.” — Peter Berg, Iconic Hollywood Director and Actor

“Ed Butowsky’s Wealth Mismanagement provides investors with a practical and meaningful approach to creating an investment portfolio that will meet individual needs in retirement or otherwise. Often using autobiographical anecdotes, Ed provides an easy to understand, unvarnished review of why individual investment portfolios proffered by Wall Street institutions frequently fall shy of meeting an investor’s long-term financial needs, and how to remedy that circumstance.

If you are interested in preserving and enhancing your wealth over time, I recommend you buy and study this book.” — John Williams, Founder, ShadowStats

“I have been a client of Ed’s for nearly twenty years. He has always put my interest first and this book puts the investor’s interest first. After reading this book, you will understand if you have what you need in your portfolio. A fantastic read and one that will keep all financial advisors on their heels.” — Joe Phillips, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“Ed’s not afraid to tell the truth. This book proves it. I have trusted and relied on Ed for years and he has always stood by his word. Pick up this book and see if your current portfolio has the characteristics  you were needing.” — Kris “Tanto” Paronto, American Author and Speaker as well as a former U.S. Army Ranger and CIA Security Contractor

“I have never had bad financial advice from Ed—he is always spot on and ahead of the pack. This book is one not to miss.” — Lara Logan, Award-Winning Foreign Correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes

“If you have ever wondered how to truly evaluate how good of a job your advisor is actually doing, Ed’s book provides you with the tools necessary to find out. His candid insight reveals the lack of true risk mitigation being provided by many advisors in the industry today. It is a must read for anyone concerned with protecting their assets.” — Benjamin Fujihara, Former Morgan Stanley Managing Director, Former Complex Director, Complex Council Member

“Ed is a good friend and mentor who has taught me a lot about finances. It’s always good when you can sleep well at night knowing your money is in good hands. This is must-read book and it will help you navigate through the fears we all have about investments.” — Torii Hunter, MLB Legend and All-Star


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