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The Wealth Elite: A Groundbreaking Study of the Psychology of the Super Rich

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“Zitelmann’s book is of great importance because it provides an explanation for the success of the market economy and our society’s prosperity. It places the entrepreneur firmly center stage… In fact, Zitelmann’s book deserves to be a standard text for current and future Ministers of Finance and Economics. Everyone with entrepreneurial aspirations should make space for it in their home library.” Huffington Post “‘The Wealth Elite’ is interesting for two reasons: On the one hand, Zitelmann summarizes the state of research into the essence of the entrepreneur. On the other hand, he reveals millionaires’ very personal motives and perspectives through a series of verbatim excerpts from in-depth interviews. If you are at all interested in the nature of entrepreneurship, you will certainly find what you are looking for here, and far more besides.” ―Harvard Business Manager “Zitelmann’s book is of major importance because, by focusing on entrepreneurship, it explains both the success of the market economy and the prosperity of our society. In neoclassical economic theory, entrepreneurs are conspicuous only by their absence.” The European “I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Wealth Elite and found some of the findings quite interesting. The part I liked the most was actual interview excerpts presented verbatim, which really helps one to understand exactly what the interviewer is trying to say in their own words. Zitelmann’s writing style is effortless and engaging and makes this a fun read.” ―Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers’ FavoriteThe Wealth Elite includes interesting insights and interviews about the DNA of the super-rich.” ―Reviewed by James Bernstein for IndieReaderThe Wealth Elite is a complete, educational analysis of successful and wealthy entrepreneurs. All topics are covered in depth with research to back up Dr Zitelmann’s findings. I particularly enjoyed reading the interview responses of the individuals in the study. Although each participant came from a different background, it was easy to see a general pattern of thinking among these successful individuals … I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the psychology behind the wealthy.” ―Reviewed by Kristi Elizabeth for San Francisco Book Review “Rainer Zitelmann’s study of the psychology of the super rich is an ambitious project. Few could be better qualified for it than Dr Zitelmann – an historian, sociologist, journalist, businessman and investor. There has been no comparable study and it is a compelling read for all who need to understand the characteristics and motivations of rich entrepreneurs. These people drive economic growth, back innovation, create jobs and finance philanthropic projects. So why has such a study never been attempted before? It is hard to access these people and design questionnaires that generate a meaningful response.” ―Reviewed by Michael Maslinski for Financial Times


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