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Money Marker (12 Pens) — Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen with Upgraded Chisel Tip – Detects Fake Counterfit Bills, Universal Currency Detectors Pack

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Protect Yourself from Counterfeits and Save MoneyThe counterfit marker has specially formulated ink that will automatically activate when placed on counterfit bills. Amber means the bill is genuine. Black means the bill is counterfeit.
Save money by automatic identification of illegitimate cash and confirming legitimate bills with the inexpensive pens. The Money Markers are an essential and cost-effective tool for any retail business accepting cash.
The Money Markers are the top of the line pens for fake bills. This security solution bill tester is the frontrunner in the fake bill detectors market for U.S. Dollars, Pesos, Euros, and all other paper monies.
Feel complete protection by shielding yourself from fake bills with these counterfeit testers. The Money Marker consistently checks for and detects fakes within seconds. These checkers are a long-term solution to efficiently safeguard your business’s finances from counterfits. For each fake dollar or conterfit detected, your company will forsake a bank headache and see these markers pay for themselves. Why take a chance on accepting bogus copies?
Click the “Add to Cart” button above to get your brand new set of Money Markers and start protecting yourself from counterfeits!
INSTANT VERIFICATION: The Money Marker counterfit marker is specially formulated to deliver accurate and easy results within seconds. Expose one fake bill and these counterfeit pens pay for themselves.
EASY TO UNDERSTAND to effectively detect counterfeit bills with counterfeit pens. A black line means the bill is counterfeit while a gold mark means the cash is genuine when using a counterfit bill pen.
SAVE MONEY by checking and rejecting bad currency with a counterfeit marker. Comes in a BOX OF 12 pack of money pen detector, assuring you and your store will be protected from fraudulent counterfeiters for an extended period of time with these counterfeit detector pen.
INNOVATIVE CHISEL TIP lengthens the life of each money pen and helps a business earn more by preventing each money marker from drying out. These money pens insures you from fake money. Superior quality means superior performance and protection with our counterfit pen.
100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We strive to make the best and most convenient counterfeit money pen you’ve ever used in catching counterfeit money. That’s why our fake bill marker pen comes with HVM’s original manufacturer warranty


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