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GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/DD Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display and 2 Year Warranty

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G-Star Technology Bill Counter – Fast, Accurate and Reliable

Money counting can be a time consuming and tedious task. Let G-Star Technology help bring basic organization and safety into your life with our Intelligent Digital Money Counter and Detector. The simplest model in our series allows for up to 2 hours of continuous counting of 1000+ bills per minute.

This time saving machine will allow you more time to earn money by doing all the counting work for you through increasing accuracy and eliminating errors.

Unlike other standard Money counters that ONLY feature Ultraviolet detection, G-Star’s money counter features BOTH Ultraviolet AND Magnetic sensors to spot counterfeits instantly, making it a perfect money sorting tool for homes and businesses.

G-Star Technology money counter consumes less than 90 Watt when working and less than 3 watt when idle. Money counter works in a quiet noise environment with less than 60 db.

Batching function allows to preset 5-100 and create batches of 1-999 bills, easy for bill banding and storage.

Free cleaning brush and rubber part replacement come along with machine.

This Machine counts how many bills/notes in the stack, not monetary total



error free

error free



time saving

time saving

No More Manual Counting

There will be no more tedious and tiring manual counting with the help of G-Star Technology Bill Counting Machines.

Eliminate Human Errors

There will be no more human counting errors with the reliable G-Star Technology Bill Counter

Protect Your Business

Our Bill Counters help Protect your business by detecting counterfeit bills as it counts by using Ultra-Violet and Magnetic sensors.

Time saving

Our Bill Counters makes it quick and easy when counting cash which helps to save you time



We are a proud American Brand, Owned and Operated by Americans!!


Unlike many other brands who are owned by Foreign Sellers and operated out of China, GStar is a proud American brand owned and operated by Americans.

All of GStar’s authorized sellers are American Seller’s who employs Americans And pays profit taxes to Local, State and Federal Governments.

Foreign Sellers do NOT have support in the US and they do not employ any Americans and do not pay any taxes to the government.

What happens if you need customer support after Amazon’s 30-day return window expires if the seller is outside of USA? What happens if you need to send the merchandise back if the seller is outside of USA?

You do not have such issues if you purchase GStar’s money counters, all of GStar’s sellers are American sellers in USA who can provide fast and efficient customer services immediately.

[Energy Saving]: Power Consumption Operating Modes Of Less Than 90W When Working And Less Than 3W When Idle
[Powerful & Quiet]: Capable Of Working Continuous For Hours While Counting 1000 Bills Per Minute. Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), Infrared (selected models), Metal Thread (selected models), and Dimensional (selected models) Sensors Helps to Detect Counterfeit Bills. This Money counter Operates With Noise Levels Less Than 60 dB.
[Efficient]: Accurate And Precise Sorting With A Miss Counterfeit Detection Rate of 1/100000.
[Proven Success & Support]: American Brand, American Seller Backed by 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Top selling Money Counting Machine On Amazon For Years with MOST Positive Reviews.
[User friendly]: Counts how many bills in the stack fast and accurately. Easy-to-read LED Display And Automatic Self Testing Ability.


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