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Aneken Money Counter UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection Bill Counter Machine – US Dollar Cash Counter with LED Display, ADD/BAT Modes, 1,000 Bills/min – 2 Year Warranty

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Product Description


Counting money may be fun, but counting 9999+ is a tedious job!

With the digital banknote counter of accurate counting and counterfeit detection, liberate your hands and leave the task of counting banknotes to the Aneken NX-580 Money Counter!



Product Specification:

Net Weight: 8.4lbs(3.8kgs)
Counting speed: > 1000 bills/ minute
Power consumption: working≤60W , sleeping<3W
Power source: 100-240V,60/50Hz
Noise: <60dB
Temperature: 0°C~40°C
Humidity: 60%~ 90%
Counting Range: 1~9999
Preset Range: 1~100


6 Modes Give You More Choice

UV/MG/IR: to detects counterfeit bills through UV, MG, and IR scanning.
COUNTING: to count the bills.
ADD: counts bills and adds it to the previous count number.

BATCH: set a”batch number”(number of bills to count) using the [+1]、[-1] and [+10] buttons.
Ex: if you set a Batch number of 5, it will count and separate in batches of5 bills.
RESET: Press to clear to zero and restart.
AUTO/Manual: the default mode is AUTO.


Optimize and Widen the bills receiving impeller

After optimizing the original curvature and width of the money receiving impeller to make the counting of bills smoother, overcome the problem of bills jamming, and improve the user’s work efficiency.


Hidden handle

In order to prevent users from using the inside of the LED display as a stress point when habitually carrying the money counter, we have designed a concealable handle to extend the life of the LED screen. In addition, with this handle, your work will become more portable.





Make counting easily

Make counting money no longer a hassle

Efficient & High-Speed

1,000 bills can be counted per minute-complete your work in a short time

Big Hopper Capacity

Large Capacity Hopper – 200 bills

Provides possibilities for multiple counting methods

Make fake checking easy

Three powerful methods to detect counterfeit cash ripped or damaged bills: UV – ultraviolet, MG – magnetic and IR – infrared; Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, get the most precise outcome

✅ACCURATE DETECTION: With UV/MG/IR powerful detection modes to easily detect counterfeit cash, ripped or damaged bills. Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, guaranteeing the most precise outcome. (Notes: The money counter machine only counts the number of bills and detecting counterfeits or broken bills, NOT the denomination)
✅DOUBLE LED DISPLAY: The double LED displays are specially designed for you and your client to read clearly. With an easy to read LED screen, changing the operating modes and tracking bill counts is more easier.
✅EFFICIENT & HIGH CAPACITY: This high-speed money counter saves your time of money counting. The counter machine counts 1000 bills per minute at least while the large capacity front-load hopper and stacker can hold 200 bills at a time. There is only 1 in 1,000,000 chance of missing counterfeit bills.
✅EASY TO USE WITH 6 MODES: Multiple modes as Count, add, and batch modes make money counting simple; In add mode, the machine can add multiple batches together to give you a total amount of bills; In batch mode, Set the machine to count bills in a batch of your choice. Besides, combining with other modes will make you extremely easy in currency counting and counterfeit detection.
✅RISK-FREE WARRANTY: We are confident that our money counter is manufactured under strict quality standards to give our customers the best experience. We promise to provide 60 Days Money Back, a two-year warranty and lifetime Technical support, totally no risk for you! please contact us at [email protected], we offer you the best service and will reply within 24 hours If you have a problem.


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